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Ask Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Just an old fashioned guy in a new fangled world. Can't promise fancy art because I'm not all that great at art (well Kadae says I suck TT^TT) but I certainly can help you as Heros should!
its interesting that no one recognizes you when you wear a simple mask on your eyes xD don't you think

Y’ have t’ remember most just know me as Wild Tiger. If you didn’t know Kotetsu then you wouldn’ be able to easily but the faces together.

Bunny-chan used t’ keep askin about the mask too. But then one day he made his own theory (even after I told him why I wore it). He once said “I guess it’s good idea that you wear it. You wouldn’t want to start being known as Mr Collateral Damage outside of work too.”


He is always so blunt with his words that boy.

do you find yourself hot/handsome/cute?

do I just have to choose out of those options?




did you get that beard style after you become "tiger" or did you already have it that way and decided to call yourself "tiger" because of it?

Ah funny story


originally I just had a normal kinda beard and it was like that when I started being a hero. One day Tomo was ill and felt horrid and I wanted to do something to cheer her up. So I left the room, put on my hero outfit, shaved my beard and suprised her. At first she couldnt stop laughin.

By the end of the day she took a likin’ to it so it stayed.

kaede will grow up soon or later. so describe your dream son-in-law please? :D

my “dream” son-in-law stays away from my precious Kaede


But in all seriousness I guess I’m just happy as long as she is happy.

As long as she is safe, well looked after and happy then her papa is happy

kaede looks more like you as she grows up!

Y’ think so?!


Papa is so proud

tomoe left too early didnt she. :(

my darlin’ did leave way before her time but she’s alive in my memories and I feel a very lucky man thanks to that


To taserhappylewis

Got your memo and I am glad it made you so happy.

Thank you for your lovely comment.

what was your mother's reaction when you said you wanted to be a hero?

At first she just kept laughin’. Even when she saw my suit she didn’t believe me.

When I first appeared on tv I came home to 17 missed calls from her and when I did call her I was on the phone for hours trying to explain to her that I will be ok (and she wasn’t gonna be liable for any damages I caused).

My best friends are all super heroes, and I work for a big name government agency to keep the peace and all that. But it's so hard to keep faith in your own abilities when you don't have any special gifts or talents. Honestly, how do you keep motivated? You have powers but it still has to be hard. It's just difficult when it feels like no matter what I do I'm not making a difference.

It has been hard. ‘specially when my powers started reducin’.

If you don’t feel you are makin’ a difference then maybe you’re just viewing the situation the wrong way. Think of those you protect. Think of friends and family. Think of those you have saved/effected. Think of what inspired you to get to the point you are at.

I am happy as long as I can keep people happy. Whether it be family/friends/strangers in Sternbuild. Doesn’t matter the scale of the act, as long as others are happy, safe n’ well.

Don’t loose faith in yourself taserhappylewis. I believe in you.


Can I try on your helmet, kotetsu~?

I………I guess